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Delicate Fabric


Liv X Media was quick to make its mark in 2020. Gaining traction as a preferred Creative Agency we have become an industry leader in the digital design and marketing space. 

Headed by our original Director the tech savvy creative Carmen Livingstone, our Company has grown exponentially every year since its inception, both in the services we offer and the team of experts that make it all possible. Liv X Media offers a complete, yet bespoke package of marketing services for businesses of any size, any industry… and in any corner of the world. 


Our design and marketing specialists find unique ways to present and promote, engage and grow the customer base of businesses at every phase, from startups, to rebrands, relaunches and expansions. This ensures your business image is professional, up to date and stands out among your competitors.  We pivot our expertise to suit every industry and our diverse client base includes, interior designers and real estate agencies, dentists and aesthetic clinicians, bespoke carpentry and logistics companies. With an established clientele in the UK and across Europe, Australia, America and Qatar, Liv X Media spans the globe. 

As a creative marketing agency, we appreciate global reach, but never forget the personal touch. We aim to provide an exceptional customer experience for every client, on every project, delivering innovative ideas, open communication and the timely turnaround required in today’s click-of-a-button world. 


Our reputation makes us a standout in our industry. We want to help your business stand out in yours.

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Delicate Fabric


We create modern, memorable logos and consistent branding across all platforms to define or redefine our client’s brand. 

We design and build striking, fully optimised websites, combining great visuals with useful booking and payments systems, that offer a great user experience to both our clients and their customers.

We know SEO, so our clients don’t have to. Keeping a website, socials and Google listing optimised allows our clients to get on with the business of doing business.

Our clients trust us when it comes to choosing the best marketing medium to attract their potential client base. We take care of all their digital and print design needs. 

‘Content is king’ and we provide our clients with top quality SEO ready written content and scroll-stopping photography and videography.

Social media moves fast. Changing algorithms, what’s trending and which tags work best are not a worry for our clients who enjoy our complete social media management package.

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