How it began.

2020 saw the largest global pandemic in 100 years shut down sectors of the retail and service industries, across the world. It was sink or swim time.

Online businesses and those that could move their business online held steady, even flourished – as long as they could make their mark in an increasingly competitive digital space. Many that endured enforced hibernation directed their energy to rebranding and refreshing, ready for a grand comeback. 

This created an opportunity for those with the digital skillset businesses needed – and the-get-up-and-go to jump into that space. It was at this time that Carmen Livingstone, along with many others, was furloughed from her usual employment. Before she even had time to check out what was trending on Netflix, her personal website caught the eye of a local business owner. Impressed he asked, did she have time to build a new website for his business? Covid Lockdown had just begun, but so had Carmen's new business venture, Web Design CL.

How it's going.

In the next 12 months Web Design CL exploded. Clients loved Carmen’s combination of design and technical skills and her professional-with-a-personal-touch approach. As finished websites hit the online stage with rave reviews from the business owners, enquiries came in from all over the world – the UK, America, Germany, Qatar and Australia. Web Design CL created eye catching and easy to navigate websites for all different types of businesses; gyms, bakeries, carpentry and logistics companies, midwives and business coaches.

Every business owner was looking for innovative ways to present and promote their business, and engage new customers, to survive and thrive in these challenging times. By popular demand Web Design CL expanded its services to include branding and rebranding, logo and print designs, copy writing, visual content creation and social media management. As Web Design CL continued to grow it gained more and more traction online, racking up scores of satisfied customers and a wait list of new clients.


With success came the need for change.


In late 2021 Web Design CL underwent its own rebranding to reflect the growth in its services, relaunching as LIV X MEDIA. Still headed by Carmen Livingstone, LIV X MEDIA now combines the expertise of a team of professionals with the personal touch of its original founder, who oversees each and every project herself. 

Carmen Liv.