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Wondering why you need different versions of your logo?

Having multiple logo variations gives your business ultimate versatility. One size doesn’t fit all, especially when you are trying to present your brand across varying platforms. Each logo design can be used for different elements.

The types of logos your brand needs and where they can be used:

1) MAIN LOGO- This is your most used logo design. This gives a clear visual representation of your brand and includes your full business name.

Uses include- Website, merchandise, business cards and other printed materials.

2) ALTERNATIVE LOGO- This is a variation of your main logo, rearranged into another format. For example, if your primary logo is stacked, your alternative logo could be horizontal. It is important to have an alternative logo as your main logo may not always fit some places or when made smaller, may not be legible.

Uses include- Social media banners, e-mail signatures, printed materials and merchandise.

3) SUBMARK LOGO- This is a simplified version of your logo. It may include your business name or it could just be the initials or icon from your main logo. This is perfect for small spaces, where your main and alternative logos do not work/fit.

Uses include- Social media profiles, highlight covers and post watermarks.

4) SQUARE LOGO- This is a useful variation, when you are only offered a square format. This is a tight and condensed logo design.

Uses include- Instagram posts, favicon, small printed materials and merchandise.

5) TEXT LOGO- This only shows your business name, without the whole logo/icon. This is useful for smaller and thinner spaces.

Uses include- Letter heads, website header, social media posts and watermarks.


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