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Why does seasonal design matter for your website?

Why do stores put up Christmas trees in the middle of the store or tinsel and lights?

Simple: because it creates the spirit of holidays and gets potential customers into the festive mood, which makes them more likely to buy something.

Seasonal design not only makes your site visually appealing. It also shows that your website is active, dynamic and up to date with the real world.

So, even if you have a nice-looking website, that doesn’t mean you should leave it untouched all year long. Special events and holidays like Easter 🐣, Mother’s Day 💐, Christmas 🎄, Valentine’s Day 🌹 and Halloween 🕸 are great opportunities to give your site a ‘facelift’ to represent those seasons.

Rather than having a straightforward theme all year round, seasonal design elements help you to resonate with your audience on a more personal level.

How does this help sales? 💸

It creates a sense of urgency. You can use different elements and colours to direct visitors’ attention to the products on offer and convey the message that if they don’t hurry, they’ll miss out!

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