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How to use your website to show credibility and build trust

Around the world, trust has an enormous impact on advertising and sales.

Here’s how to use your website to build credibility, trust and long lasting relationships with your online visitors...

1) Welcome visitors with a professional website design.

Research shows that users judge a website in a matter of seconds, and your website design makes the first impression. It’s the cover of your book.

2) Use testimonials to build trust.

New potential customers want to know about others’ experiences working with you. If you have client testimonials, feature these prominently on the site.

3) Showcase your expertise with great content.

Displaying relevant content that educates and assists visitors can help you quickly establish credibility.

4) Ensure your contact information is prominent on the site.

If consumers are spending their hard-earned money with your business, they need to know they aren’t interacting with some internet scam. Making your contact information prominent validates that you are a real company and that you are there to help with any questions or concerns they may have.

5) Include real images and video.

Videos and images are great for catching a user’s eye online, and they can allow you to share a lot about your company in an easily digestible format. Consider adding a short video on the home page or a series of professional photos for example; show your staff or workplace. The more your visitors can connect with the real people behind your business, the more trustworthy your online presence will appear.

6) Functionality is essential.

If you are taking a car on a test drive and it begins to malfunction before you even get it out of the showroom, chances are you aren’t going to buy it. This same concept can be translated to the user experience on your website. Your website needs to function on all devices and display clearly. Limit pages and unnecessary information.

7) Highlight your certifications and professional partnerships.

Show off your reputation by displaying yours/ your staff members’ specialised skills, certifications or affiliations.

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