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Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing shouldn’t be a hassle!

Are you...

Out of ideas? Don't think your email marketing is working? Don't have the time to think of this months email? Struggling with the design?

Here are some tips to help you...

When designing email campaigns, focus on your message and keep the design and layout simple. Even create a template so each week/ month, all you are doing is editing the content. This will save you time in the long run.

Whenever we send out mail campaigns, we want our subscribers to take action, e.g click the shop button, go look at a new post or at least open the email we take time sending! This is why it is important that you nail the subject line and preview text- make your customers want to keep reading!

Avoid all caps and multiple exclamation marks in both the subject line and body of email (spammy email marketing!)

Get to know your audience so you can write to meet their needs- a great way to boost conversations. Personal touch can go a long way.

Be relevant- avoid generic marketing. Segment your list and target different groups. E.g you wouldn’t send a new subscriber the same email you would send a repeat customer.

Promotions- reward your readers too! Who doesn't love a freebie!?


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