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Email marketing and it’s benefits…

Email marketing is a great way to promote products, generate interest, engage conversation, and build loyalty in your business and brand.

So what do you do? You setup a subscriber list and then hit them up with engaging emails. Easy right!

Marketing emails can fulfill several purposes for your business depending on their content. The main benefits include:

- Promoting your products or services

- Build engagement with your brand

- Driving traffic to your website

- Turning prospects into customers

- Turning one-time buyers into loyal fans

Email is a direct line of conversation with your customers, it has advantages over other forms of marketing communication.

People are more likely to see an email in their inbox than an algorithm manipulated social media post, which may not appear in the feeds of prospective customers and followers.

You can also separate your subscribers and make different lists depending on their needs or desires.


    1.    Newsletters - sent on a regular basis providing updates about your business, services, a blog you’ve written or news that’s coming.

    2.    Automation - this can be very helpful as you can set triggers like, welcome email, birthday emails or ‘your cart is still full’ emails.

    3.    Transactional emails - E.g Every time a client buys a product or service from you a thank you email is sent.

How to get started?

1. Choose an email marketing provider or talk to your web designer.

Here’s a few providers.

    ⁃    Mailchimp

    ⁃    Wix

    ⁃    Sendinblue

    ⁃    GetResponse

    2.    Set up and build your mailing list by capturing them on your website.  Use call to action buttons and offer coupons or rewards for subscribing!

3. Segment your audience - create lists, one for prospects and one for repeat customers. Target them with different content.

    4.    Create great engaging emails.  Helpful topics always adding value or write short insights into your field or niche.

    5.    Optimise your campaigns by analysing your emails KPIs (key performance indicator) - these tools should be built into the email provider.   

Here’s a few

    ⁃    Delivery rate

    ⁃    Bounce rate

    ⁃    Open rate

    ⁃    Click rate

You can use this data to refine your strategy where needed.

If you are not sure how to begin, contact and we can help you get started today!

LIV X MEDIA - Helping small businesses with their online and marketing needs.


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