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5 ways to help a copy writer create awesome copy!

Many people feel they either do not have the time or expertise to write great copy (that’s text!) for their website… That’s what copy writers are for.

Here’s how to get a copy writer to really capture the essence of you, your values, business and products or services.

1. Show your old website, if you have one, or social media channels - anything that gives a visual and better understanding of your product or service. Mention the aspects you like and don’t like about the current text.

2. Describe who your target audience is and what tone you are looking for to engage with them. Do you want to present as a large company or small owner operated business? Do you want to be seen as luxe and custom, or affordable and a great deal? Are you looking for a more professional tone or personal and friendly?

3. Give information about you and your business journey to create a good story that engages your audience on your about or welcome page. Customers like to know your history and values – the growth from garage-based business to international company, or family recipes being handed down.

4. Provide detailed information about your products or services so they are presented accurately online. Your customers want to easily find the information they are looking for – colour, size, product materials, service process, inclusions, booking and cancellation policy.

5. Don’t worry about supplying text with correct spelling and grammar, or even whole sentences. All a copy writer wants to know is the words and phrases that resonate with you, reflect your business and you want to see in your amazing new website copy.

Need more help? Get in contact with Liv X Media. We have experienced in-house copy writers ready to create for you!


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