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5 reasons why your website needs professional copy…

Is your website lacking professional content that engages? Here's why you should invest in your website's copy!

To attract – great website copy encompasses the top key words and phrases for your industry, helping your site rate highly on SEO – that’s search engine optimisation. This is important because your website needs to come up near the top of the list when a potential customer searches for a product or service you offer. For example, alloy wheel repairs, North London.

To engage – the world wide web is jam packed full of websites promoting products and services just like yours. Yep, your competitors are out there too. Make sure your website engages potential customers long enough for them to find out more about your business, product, or service. Otherwise, they will exit your site and go to the next one on the digital list. You can do this with a catchy Intro or good story in your About or Welcome section.

To inform – once you have got your customer’s attention, you need to make good use of that few seconds. That’s all they will give you if they cannot find the exact information they are looking for within one or two clicks or scrolls. Ensure the information about your products and services is really clear and always highlight your USP (unique selling point), be it a bespoke service, new safety feature or handmade product.

To sell – never forget the ultimate reason why you have a website for your business – to sell your products and services. Great copy throughout the customer journey from Welcome, to Booking or Payment, has a much better chance of converting a website visitor into a paying customer.

To strengthen – what could be better than a one off sale? A repeat customer who also provides free advertising by referring others to you. Awesome copy is one element in first creating, then strengthening, brand awareness, trust and customer loyalty - and that’s the secret to long term business success.

Want great copy? Get in touch with us. We have experienced in-house copy writers ready to create for you!


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